What Happens at the Water Cooler

This country is great. I mean, I love where I’m from and everything, but everything here just feels so…advanced. Case in point, I just ordered pizza using an app on my phone. My home country has apps, and phones, but the idea of ordering food with a few taps is totally beyond them. That, and no one really eats pizza where I’m from. Well, do have a KIND of pizza, but it’s kind of ridged, and none of the toppings are really ones you’d find on a normal pizza. And then you’re not supposed to slice it…

Ah, anyway. Office job is going well, despite all the memes that said it was supposed to be either dull or torment. Working in one of those massive skyscrapers, of which there are many in Melbourne. Commercial glass tinting was the flavour of the day, by which I mean the ‘thing’ that everyone is talking about. There’s always a ‘thing’, pretty much every day, or sometimes every week depending on how long it takes us in the office to discuss the thing. We’re getting a load of windows tinted, so that’s obviously a big deal because in some places we can see it happen. I don’t know…I think the fact that our work is kind of repetitive just means that our brains are drained, so there are only so many topics that come to people in offices. You’ve got what’s happening in the building, which right now is a rousing round of office window tinting. And then people will talk for HOURS about TV. Apparently they used to talk about that ‘Fantasy’ show, but it’s on hiatus before the final season, so right now there’s no one show.

I don’t watch TV, not yet anyway, so I’m happy to talk about commercial window tinting. Or…who ate who’s lunch. Haven’t actually seen it happening, but it’s in all the memes so it must be a thing.