Our Aims

Stretch A Family is a network offering resource-sharing, advice and support for people undergoing to the process of blending families, whether through marriage, de facto relationships or other changes to familial circumstances.

We understand that this time can be as challenging as it is exciting. Ultimately, though, we believe that it’s possible to grow and nurture the positive aspects of family life through this process. Our aim is therefore to provide a place for people of ages to come together and discuss experiences, strategies and ideas for getting the most out of the transformation, assisting families in stretching to accommodate new levels of connection, acceptance and day-to-day effectiveness.


How We Work

We organise informal meetings as per demand, typically on a monthly basis. These typically take the form of a sharing circle with individual units for kids, teens and parents, followed by a combined sharing circle.

Please be advised that we are not operating as mental heath or social work professionals of any kind. Members of our group are counsellors and dispute resolution specialists, and while they bring skills in these fields to our meetings, their involvement in this group is not expressly in that capacity.

We also encourage members to set up their own meet-up chapters, equipping them with tools and resources to provide peer support within their personal networks. Organisers and core members have an extensive library of books, journals and other resources available for public use, and we have a borrowing system set up to facilitate this.

We operate on a volunteer basis.



Due to a sudden restructuring of our central organising committee, we are currently taking a break from this project, and hope to resume as soon as possible.Please check back soon for updates. In the meantime, we invite you to reach out to a local chapter in your area.

Kind Regards,

Stretch Team