Stretch A Family organises the exchange (and safe return!) of books, journals and other media that may be useful to our members. We’ve put together a basic borrowing system to facilitate this, enabling  lenders to keep tabs on borrowers.

A modest annual deposit of $50 keeps borrowers accountable, and is returned (or redeposited) each year on January 31, pending the return of all media to its owner. If a borrowed item is lost or damaged, your deposit will be offered to the owner.

Postage, if required, is the responsibility of the borrower.

Below is a list of titles currently in circulation.


  • The Rare Family: A Social History of Remarriage, Jemelda Sanchez, Brackenstreet Press 2017
  • Growth Opportunities Beyond DivorceDr Stanley Hegmire, Elgin Watkins Publishing 2016
  • Finding Your Feet… Again: Remarriage, Family and You, Marcel Hartvist, Tincture Press 2016


  • Your Child Is Orange: Blended Families in Postmodernity, Phillipa Stackton and Henley Bruce Chapman, Prisma Press 2015
  • The Evil Stepmother: Overcoming the Myth, Dr Florencia Sigmild, Jasonfeld University Press 2017
  • Fatherhood in Blended Families, Emilio Masters-Giotti, Northernhead Publishing 2017

For Kids

  • I Hate Sally! (educational picture book), Kristin McGillberry, Valley View Publishing 2015
  • Writing It Out For Kids: Creative Exercises for Blended Families (card deck), Mastery Press 2013
  • Writing It Out For Kids 2: More Creative Exercises for Blended Families (card deck), Mastery Press 2013

For Teens

  • Saying It Like It Is: A Teen’s Guide to Family Life, Halston Barrymore and Jed Keens, Hike Books 2017
  • Doubling Up: Dealing With Two Families, Gina Jerris, Tincture Press 2015
  • Not Again: When Parents Remarry, Hank Cleftfield and Jessie Starmbarc, Hatfield Books 2014
  • Writing It Out For Teens: Creative Exercises for Blended Families (card deck and book), Mastery Press 2016