Tree Fellers, Too Far or No?

I’m really not so sure about this Tree Fellers business. I get that it’s really funny- I watched an episode and I had to laugh at a few of the jokes, even if I didn’t really want to- but I don’t know about the message that it’s sending to people about proper tree felling procedure. Just to make it clear, even though I don’t have a clue how many people will be watching this: tree felling is not something you should be doing if you have no expertise in the matter. You got that? If you’re around Beaumaris, Tree removal professionals will take care of that old gum tree, or any other type of tree. Heck, even tree pruning can be a little dangerous and require the touch of a professional if you have some big job that needs doing.

Anyway…just thought I needed to get that out there. They need to get some kind of ‘do not try these acts of garden and tree care at home’ label at the start of every show. You know…for the kids. It’s supposed to be a family show after all. Though maybe the antics of the three fellows are so very silly and clearly incompetent that you’re just supposed to know it anyway, and they’re trying to weed out the truly brain-dead viewers of society. That’s a bit dark, so I’d still advise calling a tree professional if you have anything that needs doing.

I suppose they’ve skirted the edge so far, meaning that there’s no way an official complaints board can come down on them hard. So they DID have a tree felling episode, but they also showed real, professional tree lopping people doing it properly, and no one was injured. And I guess just the fact that people are shown to be competent- that is, people outside of the three fellows- is good news for arborists based in Melbourne. Actually makes them look pretty good by comparison, actually. So, good for business, but…I still think they could stand to look after viewer safety a little more.