To the Moon!

I had someone in the supermarket the other day ask me if I think the human race will establish space colonies in our lifetime. That’s a bit of a weird question, especially for someone to just blurt out while they’re bagging a loaf of bread, but I looked that cashier right in the eyes and said: “Yes. Yes, we will establish a colony. A glorious, perfect, pristine Lunar Kingdom. But you won’t be coming, because you are a lunar nonbeliever.”

Then I walked out and the whole shop clapped! 

Okay, that bit I actually did make up. Still, I enjoy the opportunity to share my moon predictions. The other day I drove all the way along the Eastlink to get car servicing done in Ringwood, all because I heard that Sister Freda had already spread the word of the moon to the mechanics closer to where I live. True, that entirely consists of telling those mechanics that we’re going to the moon, and expressing condolences that they won’t be coming with us, because they’re not part of the cult. And they can’t become part of the cult. Ever.

So that’s unfortunate, but at least they can one day look up from their mechanic work and see our shining city. If, you know…they’re working at night. And it’s a full moon. I don’t know what happens to our glorious lunar city when it’s a crescent moon, but I guess we could just build on the crescent part. Or we could make it so the city can lift up and fly away when part of the moon vanishes for those days of the month. 

Yes, so, anyway, mechanics. They would be very good people to have around, given all the mechanical things we’ll be doing up there, especially during the initial phases. However, we’ve been told that members of the cult have to be born into it. Unfortunate, but at least I can go to a Ringwood auto repair specialist. They repealed the ‘no outside contact’ law a couple of years ago to give us a week of interacting with the world before the rockets blasted off. Yeah…that timeline didn’t work out.