The Wonders of Running

I have good news. I don’t have to wear my orthotics any more! It was never a particularly bad injury, but it made walking a bit difficult. The only good part was how I got to walk around on gel-padded shoes for the whole time. It really did make it feel like I was ice-skating, all the time. Still, having the choice to go walking without them will be lovely.

My fur babies Andy and Digger haven’t had a proper walk in ages, since before I was only able to take them around the block. I’m looking forward to taking them down to the dog park, where they can run their legs off if they wish. Or rather, Digger will run until he flops, while Andy toddles back after ten minutes and sits panting at my feet completely exhausted. He’s only got short little legs.

It’s really quite eye-opening when you can’t use your feet as usual. I suppose that’s why we have podiatrists, since being able to walk is such a huge part of most people’s lives. That, and there are so many foot-specific injuries. Onychomycosis still baffles me. Fungal nail infections aren’t even something I like to think about let alone discuss. I saw so many foot things on my trips to the podiatrist’s office, and they have to deal with all of them.

See, this is why I’m studying to be a teacher. I don’t have the stomach to deal with illness in any capacity. Actually, it’s why I ended up getting orthotics near Melbourne instead of from elsewhere. I didn’t have to deal with walking into the office and seeing all those pictures. Yep, I’m a huge softy. But hey, I got my gel shoes so I’m happy. Perhaps I’ll keep sneakily wearing them on occasion, even though I don’t really have to. They do feel really nice, orthotics or not.