The Glass, Tinting and Frosting Society

I’m a proud member of the Glass, Tinting and Frosting Society (that is, GTFS), even though it’s a terribly new venture and there are only three of us. And while we’re few in number, we are not lacking in either passion or bureaucracy. Gale had everything figured out from the moment he started the club, including three-times-weekly meetings, and a high standard of recommendations for glass in our homes. Our youngest member, Ruth, says that she’s in a rental property and can’t change very much, but that to me just sounds like an excuse…and a mission. Preach to your landlord the wonders of decorative window glass! Tell him of the joys of residential window tinting, or frosted glass panes. I can guarantee, unless he’s an idiot, there’s no way he won’t see the value it would add to the property. Dull glass on a house is like…a dry tundra. Functional, but utterly dull.

It’s nice to come to the weekly meetings and indulge my passion for glass. I’m a little bit too old to understand the ins and outs of doing this sort of thing online, and I’ve never found a single person in Melbourne who shares my passion for residential window tinting methods. I thought I’d found a kindred spirit in a glazier’s office once, but it turned out that he was just trying to start his own business during the great Glazier Craze of ’04, and it was all just emotional manipulation so that I’d buy windows. A clever ploy and one that would have worked if I hadn’t already purchased decorative windows for my entire home. Honestly, his windows weren’t even that good. He had NO appreciation of Melbourne’s professional frosted window glass; biggest disappointment ever.

And yet, here we are. Three strong, and counting. I get to spend six hours a week talking about windows, frosting, tinting, installation and ALL the good stuff. It’s a great time to be a window enthusiast.