Sugar Cookies, Spiders and my greatest Open Mouthed Scream.

I love baking. But I don’t do it enough for that statement to stand up- especially after the worst experience in a kitchen of my entire life. What’s this got to do with pest control? Pakenham you should seriously know how lucky we are to have these guys.

Let me offer complete disclosure, I HATE SPIDERS. If arachnophobia is not real, then I must be a figment of my own imagination.  Even writing about spiders gives me the absolute creeps. But dear reader, if you too hate them as much as me, I should let you know that this story has a hero, and it’s my Pakenham pest removal team.

I was baking a batch of sugar cookies to take to a pre-Christmas morning tea with neighbors who had just moved in. I’d forgotten to heat the oven, and having been too busy to use it for so long,I opened it with the intention to shuffle some trays or readjust the racks.

Am I the first person to open an oven and scream like Janet Leigh?

What I was met with, was a clear contender for the ugliest sight my eyes have ever met. A seething nest of redbacks, hanging out inside my Fisher and Paykel.

I slammed the oven door shut. Skin crawling, I contemplated turning the heat up to devils breath, but stopped short- what if they tried to get out? I mean, ovens have seals and all, but they also had to get IN. If there was some escape route they were going to try I didn’t want to find out the hard way.

Hands shaking and skin crawling, sugar cookies abandoned, I filed a search for pest removal in my neighborhood and tried to remain calm while explaining the situation to the customer service officer, who sympathised with me. I swear, I’ve never been so glad to be completely understood. They were sending someone around as soon as they could.