Q) Where are Australian Scorpions found? A) Not in my garden (anymore). 

I really thought scorpions weren’t found in Australia, let alone Berwick. Pest control wasn’t exactly on speed dial for me but you can bet I know where to go now, having had an extermination team come to my rescue over the last week.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I turned over a few of the ornamental logs in my rockery and found a whole bunch of them hanging out.

I really had to think about this one. It was clearly a family, or at least a parenting type in charge of maybe 30 babies. I know that scorpions are classed as arachnids, and I don’t have much chill with their more commonly found cousins- so I definitely wanted them out, and i wanted to be certain they weren’t coming back any time soon.

I looked up pest control in my area and found a place that deal with scorpion removal in Berwick. The person I spoke to was really enthusiastic about completely getting rid of these hideous beasts, who were clearly planning to wage a war against me in the future.

I’m a big advocate of letting an ecosystem be, but I really had to stop myself here and think about what it meant that scorpions were hanging out in my yard. What did they want with me?

Well, apparently  nothin, but they would be, given the chance to grow, keen to eat the spiders I’d dealt with and keen to reproduce. I wanted them gone.

I had the team come out and disperse of the villains yesterday and I’m feeling a lot better about gardening knowing that scorpions aren’t hanging out in the soil. And I’ll be keeping an eye out for any returning species too. Thankful for pest control today!