Plumbing Puzzle Preparation

I made sure to play There Are Lots of Blocked Drains Near Melbourne on the way to the plumbing escape room with Jane. It’s easily my favourite album by Concept Artists, particularly because of the subject matter. Hopefully Jane likes that band, otherwise, I may have stuffed up our date already. Somehow, I was able to convince all the others not to come, without even revealing my true intentions. Turns out they didn’t really want to come to a plumbing-themed escape room anyway, despite being upset that I didn’t invite them.

We arrived at the place as ‘Where Can I Get Drain Replacement in the Melbourne Area?’ played on my car’s stereo. It’s a shame that I had to cut the track short, as it is one of my favourites on the entire album, but we were already late for the escape room appointment. So, Jane and I ran inside and started setting up for our plumbing journey. Apparently, we have to fix ten plumbing issues in one hour, averaging at six minutes each. That’s pretty crazy time, although it shouldn’t be a problem for me, as one of the greatest plumbers Melbourne has ever seen. I’ve already done so much drain unblocking. Essendon will never have another drain issue after my efforts, so this should be no problem. I think we could get the whole thing done in half an hour.

We’re not allowed to bring our phones into the escape room, so I’ll have to update you all when we get out (in about thirty minutes). Hopefully this date goes smoothly and I can tell Jane how I really feel about her. If it doesn’t go well… then I guess I’ll just disappear and you’ll probably never hear from me again because I died from embarrassment. So much work has gone into this, and if it fails I don’t know what I’ll do.

Wish me luck! Not that I’ll need it, because things will be absolutely fine.

– Joe