Moving Holiday


Have you ever considered going on a travel holiday? It’s kind of like a road trip, but much more fun. That’s essentially what my business provides. I drive around Australia in a massive truck that has a cabin on the back. You can stay for as many days as you want, and the truck won’t stop until we reach a major city. People have lots of fun. It’s a great way to see the sites without actually having to go and explore them.

We have a single route that takes us to all of the Australian states and territories (even Tasmania, which includes a long underwater tunnel between it and the mainland). You can get on wherever you want, and get off whenever you want. The truck keeps going, though. We even have a travelling truck mechanic that helps with general repairs, literally on the move. You won’t even notice it!

Our most popular stretch of the journey that people join is the Melbourne to Perth leg (passing through Hobart and Adelaide). We’re basically a giant bus, except you get to relax in a nice big cabin the whole time. Our services run all day every day, excluding the one day each month that we get the best tyre repair near Moorabbin.

The ‘Moving Holiday’ is so much fun, that when I took my annual leave last week, I spent the whole time as a passenger. I had a great time with the other guests, playing board games and sports. The highlight of the trip was cabin volleyball, followed by a long game of Mega Crush Bros on the Nine-Ten-Doe console. I didn’t win, but still had an incredible time. It really is fun for the whole family. Settle in and watch the cities go by, or climb onto the roof and feel the wind in your hair, as you look up to the stars of the night sky. It’s a truly magical experience.