Laundry Lover

Isn’t doing laundry one of life’s biggest little pleasures? I love everything about it – the crisp smell of the washing powder, the gentle whirring sound of the machine, the warmth that builds up in the room as the load progresses, the tactile experience of relocating everything to the clothesline and lovingly hanging it out to dry.

Some people I know think I’m crazy for liking it so much, but I think they’re missing out on a true feast for the senses. I can’t help but wonder if part of the problem is people not giving due attention to making their laundry room a pleasant place to be. I’ve noticed that a lot of people keep their laundry shut down from natural light and air, and don’t put in the same aesthetic care as they would with any other part of their home. No wonder people don’t like doing laundry!

So, I’m here to advocate for custom laundry renovations. Melbourne needs to start embracing the possibilities in this department. It’s not like there’s any hesitation around kitchen makeovers or bathroom remodelling, so why not? There’s a whole world of options for turning run-of-the-mill laundries into spaces that truly spark joy.

It’s not just about doing laundry, really. It’s not like I have some kind of weird fixation on that. It’s more about being in the now, and taking every opportunity to enjoy the sensory experience of being a human – and one that gets to live a life of relative ease, at that. Laundry would have been so much more of a chore back in the old days, so why not celebrate the simplicity and convenience of modern household appliances? The best way to do that is surely to enjoy them.

People take too much for granted. Enjoying the simple act of doing laundry is one way to counteract that, in my view.