Just Secretary Things

Sometimes you just get tired of being treated like the gopher, which is why I’m getting out. It’s always me knocking on the office door, cheerily asking the boss if he needs anything done, even though I don’t feel cheery and actually, I know whatever he sends me to do won’t be important. It’ll just be a proverbial bone with a scrap of meat on it that no one wanted any more.

“I guess the kitchen needs a wipe-down. Maybe you could dust the server room. Have you ever changed a plug?”

I was hired to do organisation and PR work, not…wipe down surfaces. And if you need some electrical work done, I’d be quite happy to find a commercial electrician in the local area. That’s within the bounds of what a secretary is supposed to do, especially since it involves looking after an important facet of the office. And we do need power to work, to provide energy to computers, and all sorts of other things, so that might actually make me feel like I’m doing the job for which I was hired.

I did ask, though…he just said not to worry, because he’ll do it himself. And, like…I know he can do it himself. You don’t get a secretary to do a bunch of incredibly basic things that anyone can do. Anyone can ring an electrician. You hire a secretary because it frees you up to do company-related things, and then you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty admit. I clear away the nit, and the grit. I’m a nit and grit cleaner, metaphorically speaking, not an actual cleaner.

The real kicker is that I bet he won’t do it right. I can find the best electrician in Bayside, easy. I’m good at narrowing that stuff down, and fast. It’s why I ended up with the really good references. References I’ll use for my next job…