Only A Game

It’s only a game; why be mad?

The people here take Foosball so seriously. Maybe it’s because for the rest of the day, they sit down and only type, type, type on their computers. Then they come to play their table football, and then… there is such rage within them, like the flames of a mighty dragon. And when I beat them all, as I usually do because of my superior skills, they become so angry. So much pent up rage, all from the constant sitting down. To be honest, I’m not used to all the sitting down yet either.

Perhaps they are cold, and that’s why they have to be mad. So much air conditioning in Brisbane, all the time. Again, I’m not used to there being so much cold inside, on such a hot day. Of course, in Russia, air conditioning is almost impossible to find in a home or an office. Perhaps some sort of climate control exists, but for many people, heating is all they need. Here, I walk into a public place, and it’s like walking into blizzard. The temperature drops like a stone, and I suddenly feel like I should’ve brought my scarf. And I just went out to buy milk, on a day approaching 40 degrees. What is up with that?

So, this Foosball problem. I think, maybe, everyone is too cold. Brisbane’s air conditioning is good…too good. Everyone works so hard, they look at their screens, and they build up such rage, looking at the warm sun out the windows but feeling cold. It is not natural. The air conditioning needs to be turned down a little, so everyone is comfortable and happy. Instead, they are not jealous of people outside basking in the sun.

Brisbane air conditioning services, they win. The office people, they win. And me, I win – at Foosball. I always win. There is no need to be mad.