Internal Cooling

Intense times tonight at the Futurist Club, and it was nothing to do with the discussion. Those have been surprisingly tame as of late, mostly because the new guy keeps derailing the conversations to talk about his money-making schemes. We’re all just waiting for the group leader to kick him out at this point, but until then, we’re stumbling by in the attic of this old industrial building while our usual meeting place is being refurbished. And this room is…stuffy. Even now, in the middle of winter maybe (I never learned the seasons), it feels like all of the heat in the building just coalesces up into here until it just becomes unbearable.

So…debates have become a bit more heated, because the air is more heated. I’ not sure if discussing the future of Melbourne’s air conditioning services made things better or worse, because there was an unusually-vicious debate on whether air conditioning units will become more powerful, or whether humans will upgrade themselves with technology to make air conditioning units no longer necessary.

Personally, I’m split down the middle. On the one hand, it seems obvious that like most technology, air conditioning is just going to get better and better, to the point where perhaps one touch of a button (or none at all, as in a smart home) will cool the entire house in a matter of seconds. It’s also a great option for a person to remain un-augmented.

However, it’s also bonkers cool to think of humans with cybernetic augmentations, walking around with our own coolant systems and goodness knows what else. I’m hoping for plasma cannons that can retract and replace our regular arms, but I’d be happy with everyone just being able to regulate their own body temperature at will. You could hike across Antarctica in shorts and a t-shirt if you liked; no big deal. So, if you need air conditioning repair professionals in Melbourne in the future, it might be more akin to surgery.

Is what the conclusion should have been. But instead, I was a lot more huffy and bothered.