I’m An Actress

I’m halfway through the shoot and my headache hasn’t subsided. I think I’m doing a good job of hiding it from the crew and other cast members which is good, but it’s definitely slowing me down and I’m not working as efficiently as I normally would. I’m naturally a very efficient person so I’m hoping my slower pace is just a normal pace for less-efficient people and therefore no one will notice. Who knows if that is the case but at least no one has commented on my lack of efficiency just yet.

I’m very happy with how the shoot is going, despite how my head feels. We’re only twenty-ish minutes behind the run sheet which anyone in the acting business would know is actually really good. The marketing video production company that I’m working with at the moment has actually commented on how efficient we are and how impressed they are with the entire cast’s work ethic. I’m really happy.

I’m fighting through my headache for the greater good. They say no pain no gain and they’re right. I am in pain but it couldn’t be more worth it. In fact, this is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my life and I am so happy to be here. I really want to build a good rapport with everyone I’m working with because being talented only takes you so far in this industry. To be successful you have to network and make connections because people remember you that way. People like working with people that they like – it’s that simple. That’s why I want to impress the corporate video production agency. In the Melbourne area, there are a number of really successful and established video production companies around. The company I’m working with right now is one of them and if I get in their good books then I will be in good stead next time.