I Might Just Need a Whole New Boat

Well, that’s the last time I get my boat serviced at Joe’s Boating and Motor Emporium. It’s also the last time I choose a business purely based on the name. Figured that ‘Emporium’ was a little bit posh, and I wanted a really good boat service after the thing has just been sitting on the docks for weeks. And we’re coming into winter as well! Should’ve just left it there, come back in the summer and maybe done a bit of research in the meantime; might’ve saved me some embarrassment. I get to the ‘emporium’ to find that my boat has been raided, what little was left on it pilfered, and the outboard motor is STILL busted.

So, uh…anyone know of an actually good mechanics in Melbourne that does outboard motor repair? I’ve learned my lesson. Maybe when I find a decent mechanic, I’ll ask them if they know a Sharky Joe. Not sure I ever saw the guy’s face, but if he’s a black sheep in the boating industry, someone should know a few details, maybe enough to track him down. Honestly, what a swindler.

In any case, it’s looking like I’ll need a bit more than just simple motor repair. Shark Joe’s boys pretty much took everything of value, so we’re looking for at least someone who can evaluate what I need. Essentially, I’m looking at downsizing to a more threadbare set-up, since that’s all I have left. So I’m not looking at doing that; it’s just my only option. Did I really need that anchor winch? How important is it really that I be able to not drift away into the open sea? I could do without that ability, really. At least if I get lost at sea, I won’t have to pay any more taxes. Or find a place in Melbourne for anchor winch services who won’t snicker behind my back at getting all my stuff stolen by Sharky Joe and the Flunkie Bunch.