How the perfect home found me:

I’m the kind of person who wants to clear a challenge the second they appear, so being linked in with a Melbourne buyers advocacy for first time purchasers was probably the wisest decision I could make.

Yes, it is an impatient and annoying trait, and full transparency, it makes me an irritating person to live with. I do this to manage some deep seated fears of falling behind- I don’t know, blame the parents perhaps. When the time came for me to buy my first place, I was a knot of tension and anxiety, trying to accomplish something I’d never attempted before, and with just the right (or wrong) amount of pride to shun the idea of external help.

My aunt called, having spoken with my Mum about how stressed I was. She put me onto an agency for Property Advocates. Melbourne seemed a little brighter that day, despite the fact it was dead winter.

I couldn’t let myself down. It was this realisation that I did not want to end up with a lemon of a home that prompted me to get in touch with a home buyer- one of the best things I decided to do as an adult yet.

From the moment I met the buyers advocate, I was impressed by her level of professionalism and dedication to making sure I was satisfied. I instantly felt at ease and had a good feeling about the whole process that was explained to me. While I’d looked around and felt like a goldfish in a bowl, she was able to produce possibilities I’d never have seen nor considered, shedding light on what would constitute the perfect home for me.

I The best thing? There was no hesitation on my part, because there was a level of trust I hadn’t yet experienced.. All my concerns were dissolved by the fact the buyers advisor really knew her stuff. Forever grateful from the comfort of my wonderful new home!