Home Buying…Except Competitive

E-sports are serious business. People don’t realise it, but e-sports are worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year; they just don’t get reported on as much because they’re ‘niche’ and ‘not as many people watch them’. Well, plenty of people ARE watching them, and they’re a big deal.’

I seriously didn’t expect Over-Botch to get in on it though, especially considering the subject matter. It’s a training/life simulator, not a fighting game or an FPS. And yet, as test audiences have proven, there’s actually an audience for turning it into a competition and having teams of people playing together and all that.

Obviously I had to go for Team Avalon, because they all chose the roles of Melbourne buyers advocates, and it is deeply relevant to my interests.

I like searching for homes almost as much as I like e-sports, so anything that combines the two is alright with me. See, the way it works is that the two teams challenge each other to a profession. One team picks something like estate agent, the other picks their own specialty, and it’s an hour of flurried tasks where people’s skills are tested to the limits, and they have to employ every single scrap of career dexterity. So that essentially means that they have to know MORE than just home searching and buying, but it’s a thrilling toss-up between specialising in a single area and trying to generalise your team’s skill-set.

Team Avalon all specialise in buyers advocacy, since many of them want to be actual buyers advocates. There’s even been talk of them bringing in genuine property advocates from around Melbourne to be team coaches, to teach them the ways of advocating and finding properties and all that exciting business. It IS an exciting, up-and-coming business. Avalon might not have the raw power of other teams, but they’re going to have finding properties down like no one else.