Glass Homes, Only a Gimmick

Remember when we lived in a glass box?

That was weird. We’ve been through some weird times as a family. Every residential glazier open for business in Melbourne said it was a bad idea, but we thought we’d give it a go because we managed to get the best and most renowned home designer to create our dream home, and he said that it would be a ‘bold experiment’.

He wasn’t wrong! He definitely wasn’t wrong. But as we learned, we were less avant garde auteurs blazing a trail and more guinea pigs in a twisted lab game. The house looked great, especially with the mix of frosted glass for privacy and all that, but it was an absolute hotbox whenever the sun peeked out for a few minutes. Turns out that living in a home designed like a greenhouse functions very much like…a greenhouse. So the glaziers were right!

Doesn’t matter how much you don’t mind heat, there’s only so much of that awful humidity you can take before you start to regret all of your life choices. We were auteurs blazing a trail at the cost of our sanity.

So now we’re not! It’s going much better. We moved into a nice three-bedroom place in Kew, close to the shops, really nice café just around the corner, and there’s even off-street parking which is nice. Turns out that you don’t need a super-advanced arthouse-house to make you happy in life. Oh, and our windows are now double glazed, so they keep OUT the heat. How did we not have double glazing on our previous home, which was made entirely of glass?

You can also just do so much more when your house is made of normal, versatile materials. We’re thinking of getting some of Melbourne’s best glass balustrading installed, because it’ll be an elegant reminder of our foolish past. There’s carpet in the bedroom, which I’ve always wanted.

Also, the sofa is…soft. It’s not a glass sofa. That thing was just never going to be comfortable.