Dry Needling is Just a Thing Now

Ow. I don’t know why I just typed that; pretty sure my hands just moved independently and typed how I was feeling. As it turns out, DIY acupuncture is not a good idea. And I’m starting to think that acupuncture in general just isn’t a great idea. You see fewer and fewer places offering it- mostly alongside other stuff, like massages and the like- and now everyone’s buzzing about dry needling anyway, so whatever. There’s a new king in the world of placing needles into oneself to achieve health.

Not that I’m about to run off and do a dry needling course, or anything so drastic. My uni friends are, just because they were using one of our uni buildings as a staging area. They’re the type who think that just because you’re young, you have to try everything. Live for the moment, man. That sort of stupid thing, you know the type. Don’t know why I’m friend with them, honestly. So they get handed a leaflet, it’s something they haven’t seen before, and that’s the deal settled. And we were in a group at the time, so the dry needling deal was sealed even tighter. I thought peer pressure as a tactic sort of lost some of its power after your teenage years, but alas, it’s still alive and kicking in this lot. A bit of a nudge, some giggling and there you go: everyone is signed up for a trigger point dry needling course.

Except me, of course. I’m the opposite…always have to go for the alternative. Dry needling was too mainstream, I went for acupuncture, and now I have small, painful marks all down my arm because it turns out that you really do need to let someone do this stuff for you. Maybe being part of a crowd has its benefits. They’re at their trigger point dry needling course, with plenty of like-minded folks to practice on. And here’s me…doing my own thing…on myself. It’s probably not too late to sign up.