Dermal Fillers, Just Part of the Game

I don’t know what Lorelei is so upset about. EVERYONE knows that it’s the job of the bridesmaid to totally try to upstage the bride. It’s the job of the bride to sabotage the efforts of the bridesmaid and try to make themselves the most beautiful of them all. I mean, I don’t really know, but I can only assume the same thing is going on with Ross and his groomsmen, though I don’t even want to make any assumptions about how that goes down.

Just saying, it’s the night before the wedding, so if Lorelei wants to know where I got this awesome laser hair removal in Melbourne– along with maybe some cheeky lip fillers- then I’m happy to share the info. If she’s not busy, or anything. Isn’t that fair? I’m so fair.

The way I understand it this is just a part of the game. No hard feelings at all, which is why I didn’t complain when I was presented with a maroon bridesmaid’s dress, gilded with honeysuckle frills. I just shrugged, and began to plan my beauty treatments there and then. I went out and booked myself some dermal fillers on that day, but I think Lorelei was too busy to notice, even when I was helping her out with the invitations. Whatever, I still looked amazing. Then I casually went out and got that top-quality laser hair removal, and then the lip fillers, and gosh do I ever feel great. Lorelei must’ve thought so as well, because it’s the night before the wedding and she’s in a bad mood for no reason.

Maybe she’s just nervous, and I’m exaggerating this whole contest thing. But still, I have to wear that maroon dress tomorrow. Melbourne’s quality lip fillers, probably still available now if she’s quick…or not. Lorelei has nice lips anyway, to be fair. Maybe I’m just trying to mitigate some of the damage that this dress is going to cause to my reputation.