Daydreams of Central Heating

Occasionally, I have to admit that I miss having central heating. See, I live in a tiny house – as in, a ‘tiny house’, as opposed to a normal house that’s just very small (look it up if you have no idea what I’m on about). Central heating isn’t really an option in this set up, so I rely on my wood-burning stove.

Don’t get me wrong – the stove heats the place up a treat, and I like the whole process of having to source, chop and load the wood. It makes me appreciate the amount of energy that we invest in heating. But yeah, I do sometimes wish I could get warm fast, without having to go outside and find some dry kindling, and then spend time getting a fire going.

Honestly, I don’t feel this way very often. But take today, for example. I had all this work I needed to smash out, and woke up with a head cold as well… I really could have gone for some gas heating. Canberra had a pretty heavy downpour this morning, too, and I had to walk through that to get to the shed where I keep the wood. Good times!

On the plus side, I never have to worry about ducted heating repairs. Canberra residents, how many of you can say that? I don’t have to think about the potential for carbon monoxide leaks, or getting my ducts cleaned out, or even checking the thermostat. Chimney sweeping, of course, is a different story, but I have a buddy who does that for me in exchange for my craft homebrew.

Well, we can’t have everything all at once. I wouldn’t swap my current living arrangement for access to ducted gas heating. I’m sure the majority of people feel the reverse. It’s all good!

Now to figure out if it’s possible to install an evaporative cooling system on a tiny house…