Crazy Car AC


Last night, I drove away from my girlfriend of six years. I’m never going to see her again because of what happened. We had an argument yesterday morning, which is nothing out of the ordinary. She didn’t like the way that I had got my car cleaned. She said it looked streaky and that I was lazy for going through the drive-through cleaner instead of doing it myself. I told her that the car is clean and that it doesn’t matter how it got cleaned. She didn’t like that.

She proceeded to go outside and started ridiculing my car. I won’t repeat what she said because it’s too profane, but she also took a dig at the quality of my most recent car service. Near Bentleigh East, there are plenty of highly skilled mechanics that do car services, and I went to the very best. I know she was just trying to say things to hurt me, but she should at least say something I’m going to believe. She wouldn’t know a good car service from a bad one, and mine was some of the absolute best possible work. 

The final straw was when she decided to physically damage my car. She keyed it, which for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, meant she literally scratched the whole side of my car with her key. The sound it made as she was doing it has been ringing in my ears ever since. I thought she couldn’t stoop any lower and then she literally jumped into the front of my car and ripped out the air conditioner. I couldn’t believe it. How did she even know how to do that? Now I’m going to have to go and get a car air conditioning service in the Moorabbin area

It’s going to be hard to explain what happened to the mechanic. My nutcase ex-girlfriend ruined my car because she didn’t like how I washed it… yikes.