Cottage Garden

I love living in this little cottage down near the Merri Creek. It’s amazing to me that it’s possible to live so close the city, and yet wake up to birdsong and green, tree-covered slopes. You can even hear the occasional moo from the educational urban farm down the way. It’s rather magical.

The one thing I’d change about the place is the functionality of my front yard. I’ve got the back about as organised as humanly possible, with rows of raised beds, a cactus corner and sunflowers all along the fence line. I’ll be the first to admit the front is a bit of a shambles by comparison, and I’m now cottoning to the fact that I could use the space for my spring crops. That means getting it in working order now.

I need a new driveway, for starters, so that I can park in the designated spot and not smack bang in the middle of the lawn (such as it is). I can’t have a run-of-the-mill driveway, though – it wouldn’t gel with my whole gingerbread witch’s cottage vibe. I need find a supplier of custom driveway pavers, Melbourne. North dwelling folks should have the best. I’m looking at you in particular: do you have any leads?

The other bit of infrastructure I can see myself investing in is a retaining wall for the slope that runs from my front yard down to the bike path. I think the slope is all above board in terms of soil stability, but I’d like to be able to utilise my yard for growing things right up to the edge, and the slope makes that a challenge. How much does installing a retaining wall cost in Melbourne North?

The one benefit of having an unkempt front garden is that it (presumably) puts off prospective burglars. Given the level of security my house has, this seems desirable. The problem is that it also puts off neighbours. Frankly, it puts me off too – a clear sign that it’s time to get my landscaping on. Maybe I can get myself a really mean-looking garden gnome.