Building A Podium

I’ve decided to build my own Olympic podium. The Olympics are on right now and my kids have been enjoying every minute of it. I have been too, actually. I never really cared for the Olympics before these games, but it just seems to have bought the entire country together more than ever before. It’s nice to see my kids inspired by the achievements of other Australians, and I want to capitalise on their excitement.

They’ve always been into sport, but me being not too sporty myself, hasn’t really inspired them. So, I’m going to inspire them by going to the local hardware store in Bentleigh and getting timber supplies. From those timber supplies, I’m going to build a podium that looks exactly like the Olympic one. Any time my kids achieve something great, whether that be in sports, academics or general life, I’m going to take them to the podium and ask them to stand where they want to stand. 

If they’re super proud of themselves, they’ll stand on the top. They’ll be coming in first place in their own lives. If they stand on the second or third podium, I’ll be just as proud of them. They’ll be proud of themselves no doubt, and no matter what it will show just how awesome they are. 

You know what? I think I might actually buy some electrical supplies. Cheltenham has a few really great hardware stores that I like to visit. That way I can build lights into the podium, and have the lights shine when my children stand on it. I won’t tell my kids about this feature so that they can be surprised the very first time that they stand on the podium.

Even if my kids don’t do well in something, I’ll get them to stand on the podium and have it shine bright. It’ll remind them that they’re special and have achieved something. It’ll remind them that I’m proud of them.