Alone With Nature

I’m an avid player of Depths of the Dungeon, to the point that some might say I’m obsessed. But I can’t keep quiet about it: spell-weaving isn’t just something you do out of nothing. Even in some of the more advanced levels of the Dungeon realm, people have this silly idea of magic. They think we can shoot lightning out of our hands, and teleport using shining circles…and while those are perfectly possible, that power must still come from somewhere.

That’s why I’ve chosen to live here, in the country, out of the city limits. I draw strength from nature, trees give me power, and I’m going to be totally honest…I thought this was secretly a wizard town. Why else would a place be called ‘Ultima’, after the most powerful and destructive spell in history?

My brothers in the city are always mocking me. “Ooh, look at us in the city! I need high pressure jet cleaning. Melbourne has people for that, I don’t have to lift a finger!”

I’m sure your drain clearing people are very nice. And I’m sure it’s nice having people for sewer repairs as well, even though if you were respectable and hardworking you could solve these problems yourself. However, I like my seclusion. I like the quiet, and I enjoy the feel of nature surrounding me, even in this man-made weatherboard structure. And for the record, we DO have plumbing. When we have our weekly Dungeon Maestro meetings, the others always mock me for living so far out of the city.

I’m glad to be rid of Melbourne. Drainage contractors there, being so fast and efficient and seemingly always available, has made them something people take for granted. Just wait until I conclude my excavation project, find the Ultima Scroll and learn to cast the ultimate magic. The secret must have been hidden here…why else would it be called that? 

They don’t call Depths of the Dungeon an immersive game for nothing.

-Murray Bingle