Sale Success

Alright! The ink may still be fresh on the contract, but it is signed – major adulting moment unlocked. Never before have I signed such a weighty agreement, and hopefully I won’t be doing it again anytime soon… but the house is officially sold. Celebrations all round.

To back up: the house I’m selling was my inheritance from my late great aunt’s estate, which wasn’t what you’d call puny – my two cousins each inherited another, larger property. We were the three main beneficiaries of the will, because my great aunt wasn’t all that into her more direct descendents towards the end (a fair cop, in my opinion, but I won’t go into it here).

Anyway, I didn’t need or want this house – I’m perfectly happy with the flexibility of renting for the foreseeable future, and I basically wanted this thing off my hands in exchange for cold hard dollarydoos. So began my first foray into the world of property transfers, and let’s just say it was an adventure. Seeing as I lived to tell the tale, here’s my advice to anyone thinking of making a similar journey.

So, without further ado, take note of the following, which may be particularly applicable to friends in Melbourne. Property conveyancing services are your best ally; that’s my first bit of advice. Find a conveyancer you feel you can trust, and let them do the heavy lifting for you. You’ll understand why once you start coming up against terminology like ‘section 32 vendor statement’ and realise you’re completely at sea.

Secondly, accept that there’s no ideal time to do this, so just suck up the market conditions – within reason, of course. Waiting around for the tide to change is a surefire recipe for ongoing stress and bother. You might as well keep that neatly tied together in as small a packet of time possible. Others might not agree, but that’s my two cents.