Much of a Muchness

Is there a such thing as the ‘right’ choice in life? Like, is there one correct career path, selection of partner or place to live for any given person? I’m inclined to think not, in which case, a further question arises: why do we agonise over decisions, when it’s all a case of six of one, half a dozen of the other? Well, we agonise because our choices still affect us, even if there’s no right or wrong choice.

It’s pretty simple. We aim to choose what feels the best in our experience, even if it’s not the best in any kind of objective sense. That’s actually a pretty reassuring way of looking at the world, if you really get down to it; it takes the pressure off and leaves us with just the basics of our own tastes and preferences.

It’s certainly helpful when it comes to buying property, I’ll tell you that much. It’s like, is this my one true house? Well, there’s no such thing. The question doesn’t make sense. Is this a purchase that I feel good about, though? Now, that’s a question I can answer. I feel good about it, or I don’t. Is it a good deal, financially speaking? Well, that falls somewhere in the middle. I can’t really answer it off the bat, but with a team of legal and financial professionals on the case, I’ll get pretty close.

Overall, I feel pretty good about buying property in Melbourne. Property conveyancing companies are plentiful, prices are respectable and the air is not deadly (not yet, anyway), although the transport situation is getting a little out of hand. That being established, I can turn my attention to other questions. For example, what is a section 32 statement? Do I need one? And why are all the banks so reluctant to approve my home loan application?

Maybe it’s because I ask too many questions. That’s what my grandma always said.