Let this be a gardening lesson

Recently my wife and I have had a few problems in the garden. I hope by sharing my experience others won’t be caught out by this problem.

Let me start by saying that we aren’t cruel people, and we don’t like to see living creatures hurt, but we found termites in the pergola and they have to go. We can’t live side by side in harmony because they feast on the very centrepiece of our yard. They’ve started causing huge problems in the new garden my wife has been working on all Summer.

Soon they will run out of wood and we will be left standing in a pile of rubble. My wife is furious that I  haven’t simply sorted out their extermination already, I understand why she is mad. My wife Trudy has recently retired and is spending a lot of time at home. Most people relax once they retire, not my wife, she hates sitting still. Recently she has set her sights on our garden. That’s how all this drama started. Trudy recently purchased berry plants online and was looking for a place to plant them.

Last year it was roses, this year seems to be all about edible produce like strawberries and raspberries. As much as I love having home grown vegetables, I don’t enjoy spending time in the dirt. Trudy is more excited about seed potatoe plants than about shopping for a new dress. During this time planting potatoes in the garden she noticed that the back corner of the pergola was looking frail. Turns out white ants had taken up residence. There is no telling how much damage they have caused until we get them sorted out.

Thank goodness we bought those new edible plants otherwise we wouldn’t have a clue what was going on. The pests that live inside the pergola won’t be around much longer. I’m not too sure how I feel about that. I never thought I was a cruel human being.. If there was any other way I would sleep better at night.