Knee Surgery for Doggo

I know we’re all a bit biased when it comes to picking a winner for the nicest dog ever, but I really think my grandmother’s great dane, Waldo, takes the crown. He’s probably the sweetest animal I’ve ever encountered. So I was upset to hear that he’s managed to sustain a fairly severe injury to one of his hind legs.

According to grandma’s vet, he’s most likely had arthritis for a while now, and that combined with his giant stature may have contributed to the injury – a torn cruciate ligament. Basically, Waldo has to go in for knee surgery to patch him back together. If he doesn’t have the operation, his movement may end up being chronically affected (basically, he won’t be able to walk on that leg) and his arthritis will most likely be aggravated. 

So now grandma’s on the hunt for the best vet for pet surgery in Moorabbin, and I’ve been roped into helping. Not that it took much – we both want to make sure that Waldo’s operation goes as smoothly as possible, seeing as he’s such a good boy and all. I seem to recall a friend recommending an animal hospital in the Bayside area after she had her adopted dog desexed there. I’ll have to ask her again which one it was.

For a pure-breed great dane, Waldo’s been pretty lucky on the health front. He’s managed to make it to 8 years old – on the senior side of middle age, for a dog – without any major health complaints. Aside from the occasional bout of fleas, he hasn’t had to go to the vet much. That’s why we need to find a surgery that’s going to treat him with kindly bedside manner.

I hope to see Waldo become a dignified elder dog. He’s been so good for grandma, who’s fit as a fiddle thanks to her regime of walking, training and playing with him, plus his gentle personality is a great counterpoint to her boisterous one.