Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

What’s the deal with hair? Sorry – I realise that that’s a pretty broad question. What I mean is, what is the deal with how the length of the hair on my head affects how people respond to me? I guess, on some level, it must have some significance as a medium of communication – even if that communication is unconscious – since it does appear to have an influence on people. 

After having had fairly long hair for a few years now, I’ve decided to go back to having it short, so I’m reflecting on how my experience of that stacks up to my previous experience of having very short hair. Honestly, if you’ve never had long hair (and simultaneously held down a day job), you wouldn’t believe the amount of product that goes into managing it. In the course of exploring this mane management malarkey, I’ve enjoyed regularly frequenting my local designer hair salon in the Melbourne CBD –  they seem to understand what I want as if by magic.

But there’s a lot that goes into maintaining long hair at home, too. Over time, I’ve landed on the products that work for me so the routine is on autopilot by now (if you’re interested in my recommendations, try out an Aveda concept salon). Still, I’m looking forward to spending less time cleaning, detangling and styling.

The thing with short styles that you often do need to style them at least as much as you would long hair, because you can’t just chuck it up in a bun and hope for the best. Hence, shaved styles are that much easier to manage – there’s only one way they can be. I feel that it’s quite unfair that men can rock a shaved head without having their motives questioned, but if you do it as a woman, it’s assumed that you have an agenda other than getting an extra 10 minutes of shut eye in the morning.